Thorough professionalism is at the heart of our operations, from our processes, to our machinery and our manpower everything and everyone is geared to perform optimally. The success of our company is backed by our experienced and qualified manpower and is guided through ethical and transparent management policies.


Tool Room

We have a robust and well organized tool design and maintenance department with hi-end machineries to design/manufacture and maintain the tools required for manufacturing Press parts.


Standard Room

Consistent quality, superior finish and durability of products are what we strive for. To that end we have a separate Standard Room, where each and every end product is check thoroughly for defects prior to shipping. It is equipped with the latest measuring instruments and gadgets and is managed by high caliber experienced engineers who are responsible for ensuring strict quality control.



All our divisions are equipped with spacious warehouse to stock both incoming Raw material as well as Finished goods. FIFO practice is meticulously followed and Traceability till raw material is also possible. Our warehouse are equipped with forklifts and hydraulic cranes to enable easy loading and unloading of material.

our operations/our divisions

  • Aluminium Alloy Ingot manufacturing
  • Precision sheet metal press parts & assemblies manufacturing
  • Sheets, Coils import and trading

Products on offer

  • Aluminium Alloy ingots
  • Zinc Alloys
  • Master Alloys
  • Deep drawn sheet metal components
  • Stamped sheet metal auto parts
  • Automotive sheet metal assembly
  • High tonnage sheet metal components
  • Mosquito Coil Stands